The bicycle has a very long history and existed long before the automobile. Between 1861 and 1863, Pierre Michaux adapted a pedal-powered bicycle from the wheel invented by Karl von Drais in 1817 and created the bicycle as we know it today. The bicycle is still the most popular means of transport today. In Germany alone, there were almost 76 million bicycles in the field at the end of 2019. Practically every person has at least one bicycle in their own pos-session. KRAMAR offers a wide range of product variations especially for this industry segment. With our remote controls you can master almost any tasks when it comes to transmitting forces safely and efficiently, especially on complicated installation routes, for example to remotely operate, lock, decouple, control, regulate, hold, brake, release, adjust, lock, switch, select or position a mechanism. The actuators can do much more, but as individual as your demands are on our actuators, so are their use cases. Please, contact us and we will develop a perfect solution for you.

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