Every day, many tons of goods are transported around the globe, where they are reloaded, repacked and shunted. Crane equipment and loading machines are in-dispensable tools to make this possible in the first place. High forces are set in motion and KRAMAR remote controls help to control and secure these movements. Therefore, KRAMAR offers solutions that can easily cope with heavy dirt and even ice rime. With our remote controls you can transmit pull forces of 10,000 Newton and more and even push forces of 6,000 Newton. With our remote controls you can master almost any tasks when it comes to transmitting forces safely and efficiently, especially on complicated installation routes, for example to remotely operate, lock, decouple, control, regulate, hold, brake, release, adjust, lock, switch, select or position a mechanism. The actuators can do much more, but as individual as your demands are on our actuators, so are their use cases. Please, contact us and we will develop a perfect solution for you.

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