Over 4.5 million motorcycles are registered in Germany and it is also the pure feeling of freedom to ride a cruiser on the country roads. Others love the thrill of taking the curves on a sports bike and pushing the bike and material to the limit in hairpin bends. Regardless of which group you or your customers belong to, you will confirm that the safety of motorcycle enthusiasts is paramount. KRAMAR ensures safety and reliable handling in many different applications, whether on the machines themselves or as an indispensable part of auxiliary equipment. KRAMAR offers a wide range of product variations especially for this industry segment. With our remote controls you can master almost any tasks when it comes to transmitting forces safely and efficiently, especially on complicated installation routes, for example to remotely operate, lock, decouple, control, regulate, hold, brake, release, adjust, lock, switch, select or position a mechanism. The actuators can do much more, but as individual as your demands are on our actuators, so are their use cases. Please, contact us and we will develop a perfect solution for you.

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