Medicine has made tremendous achievements in the last decades. Hardly any other industry is as important as medical technology, because all our material goods are worthless if we cannot enjoy them due to health problems. KRAMAR supports this industry segment with great dedication in the hope of being able to help to a small extent in the realization of ground-breaking technologies that will benefit the whole of humanity. Therefore, KRAMAR offers a wide range of product variations especially for this industry segment. With our remote controls you can master almost any tasks when it comes to transmitting forces safely and efficiently, especially on complicated installation routes, for example to remotely operate, lock, decouple, control, regulate, hold, brake, release, adjust, lock, switch, select or position a mechanism. The actuators can do much more, but as individual as your demands are on our actuators, so are their use cases. Please, contact us and we will develop a perfect solution for you.

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Medical Technology