Wires, Ropes & Strands

We also offer semi-finished products in the form of wire ropes, wires and strands. Here you can see some product examples, of course there are many designs which you can see clearly in our catalogue “Semi-finished products”.

Spiral strand ropes/ropes

>> Spiral strand ropes and ropes with highest quality standards for high bending cycles and dynamic loads
>> Wire diameter from 0.025/0.08mm to 2mm stainless steel
>> Nominal strength from 1,000 to 2,700 N/mm² – higher on request
>> Construction of Warrington, Seale, Filler, standard as well as special constructions
>> Sheathing with different plastics possible
>> Spiral strand ropes
>> Spiral strand ropes from 0,1mm to 11,0mm
>> Use of up to 37 wires is possible
>> Ropes
>> Rope diameter from 0,15mm to 14mm
>> 6, 8, 12 and 18 strand constructions – also compacted version (Winchester / Quadro Plast)
>> Plastic filled ropes (8W Plast) and double parallel stranded ropes (SHO Plast)

Gradient cable

>> Pitch cable with highest precision in pitch, noise and diameter
>> Steel with nominal strength from 1.000 to 2.160 N/mm² – higher on request
>> Diameter between 3,5mm and 10mm
>> Surface bare, galvanized, brass-plated, flocked, sheathed, or coated
>> Flexible shafts, stranded spiral cables or ropes serve as substructure

Tension/compression ropes

>> Pull/pressure cable for the transmission of compressive forces despite flexibility like a rope
>> Flatwire reinforced and stranded spiral rope construction
>> Diameter from 2,0 to 9,0 mm

Flat strip reinforced construction

>> Substructure from ropes to stranded spiral ropes
>> 1 to 2 flat wires in stainless steel or steel design
>> Nominal value strength from 1,570 to 2,160 N/mm²
>> Surface: bright, galvanized, phosphate or stainless steel

Stranded spiral rope construction

>> Construction from spring steel and steel wires
>> Nominal strength from 1,570 to 2,400 N/mm²
>> Material: bright and galvanized

Wires, Ropes & Strands